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Ye ol' sage carpenter's advice

Question:  How do you hold those little bitty nails without hitting your thumb?
Mr. Tommy's Answer:  Place the nail between the teeth of a comb, then frail away at it without fear.

Question:  Will you quote my materials by the square foot?
Mr. Tommy's Answer:  Square foot values are used by the PVA office to determine your tax base.  It is not a good way to estimate your construction cost.  There are a large number of variables to consider and you are always better informed when you bring in your materials list or your blueprints and allow us to put together a price list.

Question:  How much lead time do I need to allow for a delivery?
Mr. Tommy's Answer:  We provide delivery in Trigg County for a minimum of $10 or $1 per mile .  Usually the delivery can be made within 2 or 3 hours.  If you call the day before we can schedule the delivery to fit your needs.

Question:  I often split the wood when I drive a nail.  What's the problem?
Mr. Tommy's Answer:  Don't drive the nail so close to the end and choose an appropriate size nail.  It also helps to blunt the point before you drive the nail; this causes the nail to cut through the grain rather than spreading it apart.

Question:  I seem to have so much trouble painting.  Obviously I don't understand Paint.  Can you help?  
Mr. Tommy's Answer: There is a lot to learn about paint.  My best advice is to always use the best paint and equipment  you can afford.  Most people have troubles because they try to cut corners.  Try looking over this web site, Porter Paints Help.

Question:  What's the most valuable thing to have in one's tool box?
Mr. Tommy's Answer:  Your doctor's phone number. (Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.)

Question:  OK.  What's the trick?  I just keep bending nails.
Mr. Tommy's Answer:  Keep your eye on the nail, not the hammer.  Don't hold the handle so close to the head, and don't push the nail in - drive it.

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