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Who's Mr. Tommy?

        You've been asking yourself "who's Mr. Tommy?"  If you have not had the pleasure of meeting him you are missing a great opportunity.

          At 80+ years old Mr. Tommy is going strong.  He enjoys his retirement and has good health.  Tommy and Edith have been married 28 years and spend a lot of time traveling.

        To stay active Mr. Tommy volunteers for several organizations in Trigg County.  Having been a contractor most of his life he is called on to oversee many volunteer construction crews around town.  He has worked on buildings for a number of churches and the VFW.  We aren't too sure where is is right now.  Chances are he's walking the roof rafters on some project.

        Mr. Tommy is a fixture at his army buddies reunions.  They couldn't have one without him.  He served in World War II - "The Big One" - and was assigned to the U.S. Army Headquarters Battery of the 16th Field Observation Battalion.

        This, of course, was the good old days before PCs and laptops.  The slide rule was king.  A man thought with his brain and your pencil was your most important tool.  Click here for more army details.

        Mr. Tommy enjoys spending time with his three grandchildren.  Edye, Amy Jo, and John Matt Fourshee.  Mr. Tommy is  "Mr. Fix-it" and is constantly fixing things - even when they are not broke.  You know - some things just need improving.  Sometimes we think his motto is "Why buy it if you can build one yourself?"  We have finally convinced him that it is easier to buy a computer then build one out of scrap television parts and a couple of wire hangers he has taken the plunge. 


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