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City of Cadiz Zoning

        Before you build in the city limits of Cadiz you must obtain a building permit from City Hall. 

     The Code of Ordinances for the City of Cadiz is available on line by clicking this link:  Code of Ordinances For some reason this site does not include subdivision regulations - be sure to ask at City Hall.

      See item below regarding the Historic District. 

City of Cadiz
Hollis Alexander, City Administrator
P.O. Box
Cadiz, Kentucky  42211

Trigg County Zoning

        There is no county wide zoning in Trigg County.  There are, however subdivision regulations that vary with each subdivision.  You should check with the developer for these regulations, you may obtain assistance from the County Court Clerk.




Trigg County Court Clerk
Wanda Thomas
P.O. Box 672
Cadiz, Kentucky 42211

Cadiz Historic District

        Certain areas in downtown Cadiz are designated a historic district.  There are several incentives available if you intend to locate in the historic district both commercial and residential, infill and existing structures.  Grants are periodically available for historic facades and roofs.  One free architectural consultation is available.  You also should inquire about one of the most lucrative tax credits offered anywhere in the United States. 

Cadiz Renaissance on Main
Cindy Sholar, Executive Director
61 Main Street
Cadiz, Kentucky 42211


Lake Related Zoning

        The United States Army Corps of Engineers controls the property adjoining Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake.  There are strict guidelines governing the use of lake property.  You should contact them for information regarding boat docks, clearing of brush and permanent structures located below elevation 357.  It is a good idea to check with the Corps if you intend to purchase any property adjacent to the lake.

U. S. Army Corps of Engineers
Larry Nash, Resource Managers Office
P.O. Box 218
Grand Rivers, Kentucky  42045-0218

Business Permit

        If you intend to locate a business in the city limits of Cadiz you will need a business license. You will not need a business license from the county or to operate a business outside the Cadiz city limits. There may be other licenses required by state and federal agencies depending on the type of business.
        All firms performing work within the city limits of Cadiz are required to hold a business license even if the office is located out of the city.

City of Cadiz
Hollis Alexander, Administrator
P.O. Box
Cadiz, Kentucky  42211

State Commercial Building Permit

 A state building permit is required before you begin construction anywhere in Trigg County including in the city of Cadiz.  You may obtain this permit and all necessary information from Cadiz City Hall.   This permit is required for any commercial construction other than one or two family dwellings.  The state of Kentucky requires inspection by a certified inspector for this type of construction.  You will have to submit your plans when applying for this permit.

City of Cadiz
Hollis Alexander, City Administrator
P.O. Box
Cadiz, Kentucky  42211

Click here to link to the KY Housing, Buildings, and Construction web site.  You will find this specific article in the building code (121.3.1, fee schedule and an application.

Click here to read an April 2003 article in "The Cadiz Record" regarding this topic.

Plumbing Permit

        A plumbing permit is required before you begin construction anywhere in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  You may obtain this permit and all necessary information from the Health Department.

Trigg County Health Department
P.O. Box 191
Cadiz, Kentucky  42211

Electrical Permit

        An electrical permit and inspection are required in Trigg County.  Information for these services are obtainable from Pennyrile Electric, CO-OP.  Electricity will not be connected until a plumbing permit is obtained.

Pennyrile Rural Electric, Co-op.
P.O. Box 2900
Hopkinsville, Kentucky  42241




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